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Iron Empires

The critically acclaimed science fiction epic brought to life by master painter and storyteller Christopher Moeller (JLA: A League of One, Lucifer) returns. The Iron Empires are eight weary nations, spanning three million light years of the Milky Way Galaxy. They are the withering remains of a human civilization once immeasurably vast. Their dying has not been quiet.

Iron Empires Volume 1: Faith Conquers, the first in the series of Iron Empires collections from Dark Horse, kicked off the release of the award winning Iron Empires role-playing game, Burning Empires. Volume 1 collects the four part series originally titled Shadow Empires, published in 1994, and features the three-part story “The Passage,” originally published in Dark Horse Presents, now in full color for the first time.

Iron Empires Volume 2: Sheva’s War, the second in the series of Christopher Moeller’s acclaimed Iron Empires graphic novels, propels us further into a distant future, into a turbulent age of war, terror, and corruption. You will follow a beautiful, but hardened, soldier on her campaign to repel an alien menace, as she faces a bitter struggle against insuperable odds.

Created, written, and painted by Christopher Moeller, the creator who blew Justice League fans away in 2000 with his fully painted JLA: League of One.