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The Veil of Fear

Posted on July 7, 2011 by in Iron Empires | Comments Off on The Veil of Fear

The prophet Ahmilahk was a man, just like every other man. And, like every other man, he was the endless, eternal flame. What made him unique was that, from the moment of his birth, he felt his duality and believed in it.

The prophet was born into a universe drenched in fear. Proud men feared humiliation. Careful men feared being in error. Strong men feared weakness. Living men everywhere feared death. What Ahmilahk showed by his life is that we need not be afraid. If we believe in him, in the dual nature of man, we are set free. We see in Ahmilakh that which cannot be hurt, cannot be humiliated, cannot be set below other men. His spirit… and our spirit.. they’re the same stuff.

Sadly, even with his example, belief eludes us. We see one another through a veil of fear. A fog of uncertainty and anxiety. There are moments when we catch a glimpse, fleetingly. Something calls out to us when we love, when we walk in nature, when we see our children, when we lie down at night in the arms of our lover. That something we secretly yearn for… that was all that Ahmilahk saw when he looked at other men. Every moment that he walked among us, he saw the fire inside of us. And when he looked at himself, most of all, he saw his divine nature.

Unlike other men, he was flame first and man second. But he was both things, and what he showed us was how, if we allow the opacity of our daily life to become transparent, if we allow the divine fire to show itself, first to ourselves, then to others, we need have no fear.

Ahmilahk teaches us that the eternal fire is unquenchable by anything outside of ourselves. The irony of our lives is that protecting ourselves is the one thing, the only thing, that can diminish us. Like animals that crawl underground to escape the dangers of the world, we become blind, pale mockeries of our true selves. Thinking ourselves safe, we walk in shadow, in fear, cut off from the thing we desire most.

If we want to be a people that achieves true compassion, true greatness, we must trust in the prophet’s example. Like him, we are creatures with a dual nature. He has shown us the way. Believe in him. Pull down the walls. Lift the veil. Embrace humanity and eternal life. Mundus Humanitas.

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