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The singers of songs will remember me.  I am Most Devout Count Sekaman Comor Udulor, Forged Lord of Valabham, Lion of Lasyé,  Blessed of Ahmilahk.

My father, cherish his memory, was a great and noble lord, but he was obsessed with the details of governance.   Diplomacy, finance, law and policy are necessary to good governance, but are of little interest to one who burns with the true warrior spirit.  I have ministers to attend to those things. I intend to focus all of my prodigious energy on one glorious task… making the House of Udulor feared and respected throughout the Comoran Worlds.  And what is respected above all other things by men of quality?  Military renown.  Glory on the field of battle.  Conquest.

My friends and I grew restless under my father’s rule.  He let our prowess dull through disuse.  He allowed others to cover themselves in glory, while my friends and I sat idle.  That will change with my accession to the title.  I have holdings on twenty three worlds, eight of them wealthy.  When I die, I want to pass on to my heir at least one hundred worlds.  A legacy worthy of greatness.


Our neighbors are strong at the moment, (another error of my father’s over-temperates policies), so I must show them my courage and daring before I can begin to drive wedges between them.  Who can I subdue in a glorious fashion?  It must be a respected opponent but one whom I cannot fail to destroy.  I thought of waging a holy war against heresy in my domain, but, while it has the advantage of appealing to the devout, witch-hunting isn’t something that will showcase the power of my military (particularly my Hammer forces, the most prestigious and glorious of arms).  Annexing my weaker neighbor’s worlds has the very real danger of mobilizing them against me en masse, something I dare not risk at the moment.

 Only after much prayer and deliberation, did Our Most Holy Ahmilahk  inspire me with the perfect solution.  I will call for crusade against the outraider heretics.  If I can convince some minor border nobles to join me, they will become rich with plunder.  My own wealth, which is lessened by the piracy of the outraiders will be enhanced.  Most importantly, it will be a feat worthy of song, and will spread from world to world.

A crusade into the Void.  A feat comparable to Prince Aesskir Hanrilke’s crusade against the Terror 800 years ago.


It is in service of this noble goal, that I have begun, with my closest and most trusted companions, to build support in the realm.  I will recruit men of stature, who have  personal experience with the outraider filth.  I will dispatch my finest Hammer Lords to cruise the void, mapping possible attack routes and bringing me news of  enemy dispositions.  My map-makers scour the archives for the most detailed information on the districts bordering our own.  Nothing will be left to chance.

I have chosen as my principal target the notorious Khuria outraiders.  My contacts tell me that they can field 20 squadrons of warships, possibly more, making them a foe I can destroy decisively (rather than chasing small bands hither and yon, an inglorious task).  I am confident I can assemble 30 or more squadrons under my banner by year’s end, making victory certain.  The only unknown at this point is how to bring them to battle.  I will have to force them to fight by outraging them, promising to destroy their base.  Their home world.

I am Count Udulor.  Ahmilahk himself has shown me the way.  He has given me his blessing and his divine sanction.  All glory and power to my House.

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