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Holy Song of the Prophet

Posted on December 1, 2011 by in Iron Empires | Comments Off on Holy Song of the Prophet

One of the greatest thrills for me, working on a creator-owned graphic novel, is bringing my universe to life.  Exploring it for the first time.  Every element I design adds another bit of richness of the story, making it feel more real to me.  Because so much needs to be invented in a science fiction story, at the outset it feels very shallow and insubstantial.   There’s a story “hook”, some characters, a universe, but everything’s done in broad strokes.  It’s only as I get deeper in, when I begin painting pages, that I realize what I need to design. With every new element, the world crystalizes.  The needs of the story dictate the pace at which the universe reveals itself.


Here’s one of those elements.  I’ve come to the first scene featuring the mighty dreadnaut “Holy Song of the Prophet.”  I had already built a few ships, notably our hero’s battlecruiser “Devout Tiger”, but nothing this massive.  So, instead of drawing or painting this morning, I sat down with Goggle Sketch-up and built  Holy Song.  Here she is, with the Devout Tiger for scale.  The Tiger is 420 meters long as compared to the Song’s 1160 meters.  The mightiest ship in my little fleet is ready to make her debut!

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