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Victorious Drake

Posted on July 7, 2011 by in Making Art | Comments Off on Victorious Drake

I set myself the goal of trying to pull off a commercial piece using the approach I’ve been exploring in my personal work (see “Ogygia”, October 2nd, 2010), and this is the result. I’m happy with it, but it took me WAY longer than it should have. The issue for me is that, in my personal work, I’m not starting out with a sketch… so there’s nothing I’ve determined ahead of time is “right” or “wrong”. In a commercial piece, where I have an approved sketch I have to match in the finish, that’s not true. I found myself switching back and forth between putting down paint freely and then tightening up. Hopefully the next one will go a little quicker…

Victorious Drake, 20″x17″, Acrylic on illustration board


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